BENJY JOHNSON . . . . . so far

I love music.  Period.  Why does that matter?  Because it means I don’t do this to drive a BMW, or live in a big house, or sip Champagne with industry execs, or wear fancy jeans, or the latest sneakers (although, thats a tempting one).  I do this because I love music.  When I picked up a guitar at age 14, I never dreamed I could make a living with it every day.  I just wanted to rock!  Now, this is my job.  I am one of the lucky ones. My love for the guitar has evolved over the years into writing, composing, arranging and producing professional releases for numerous artists in various genres.  I have also written and produced several of my own solo releases over the years.  I recently have custom scored and had my own music licensed and used by the likes of Red Bull Marketing, Sony Gaming, CMT Network, ESPN Radio, Arnold Worldwide Marketing, Kobalt Music and                            many more.  I opened Earthtones Recording                              16 years ago so that each and every one of                             you can take your dreams, drive and                           ambition and attach a sound or a song to it and launch yourself to that next level.  I look forward to the opportunity of working with you!!

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